You are what you eat - modern wedding cake on the outside, but what about the inside?

I specialise in modern wedding cakes, often with a splash of gold, but more often than not, my couples tend to opt for more traditional flavours. But what does your favourite flavour say about you? Note: this is a very scientific study, backed by years of research.*

Victoria Sponge
Often thought of as a safe choice for your wedding cake, be it modern or traditional, but this flavour is full of contradictions. A classic that is loved by all (particularly your nan), yet also the flavour synonymous with out-of-control children’s parties.

Never out of fashion, and frequently a surprise. A simple way to delight your guests; listen as they gush and say, ‘I thought it was vanilla! It looks like vanilla, but it isn’t! It’s lemon!’ In addition to adding an extra kick, the lemon also makes the sponge extra m---- [redacted due to cringy nature of word]

For cake eaters who pretend to be healthy (but can’t quite pretend as much as ‘black bean brownie pretenders’). Eating carrots is good for your eyesight, so carrot cake must come with the same benefits, no?

Red Velvet
Quickly becoming a popular flavour option for your wedding cake. This is the choice of a person who always wants to be liked, and with good reason, they are delicious.

Nothing beats cutting into a beautiful, often predominantly white (with aforementioned hint of gold) wedding cake, and seeing the colour contrast with a rich, yummy, always loved chocolate sponge. Note to self: can I fit more adjectives in here??

In truth, whatever flavour you choose, be it from the more traditional range (as above) or something a little more unusual, your cake should make you happy. From one cake lover to another - go with whichever flavours your heart desires! And if you don't have an outright favourite, remember I also do taster boxes, so you can test out the flavours before you decide! Or just request a box, and eat all the cake as a pick me up... :) 


A cake by any other name would smell as sweet

I’m going to let you into a secret, my name is not actually Holly Clarke. Holly Clarke is my nom de plume, my secret identity, my version of Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce (sadly that is where the similarities end).

‘Why not use my actual name?’ I hear you ask. Instead of giving you the answer straight up I thought I would give you a few scenarios. You can pick your favourite, and run with it.

A friend accidentally booked a plane ticket for me under ‘Holly Clarke’
And as it turns out, it was easier (and cheaper) to change my name IRL than it would have been to change the name on my plane ticket.

Before I was a cake baker I was a Super Secret Agent, and needed to change my identity
At university I came across two groups of people; Group 1 – those who knew exactly what they wanted to do when they left university, and Group 2 – those who didn’t. I fell into the latter. One, job-searching / soul-crushing day after university, I saw that The Super Secret agency was recruiting. Took the test, PASSED (I still don’t know how), and then got swept up in the madness that was super secret agenting. Sadly, despite the fact I passed the test, I wasn’t actually very good. Couldn’t keep a secret. Definitely couldn’t lie. And then, one rainy day, my cover got blown – I was wearing the classic super secret agent uniform (a rain coat), but I thought I was safe – after all it was actually raining, when this crazy / 100% justified lady started yelling at me at Finchley road station, chanting, ‘M-I-5! M-I-5!’. Nightmare. At the time I was crushed, and also panicking, but then my boss, Captain Hindsight, said it was probably for the best.

My given name is Grey Tama-King Fancique Aches
Say it fast enough and I would either sound like I was making a terrible pun, or was annoyingly confident.

My actual name doesn’t look so good on a logo
My surname is quite long and can be tricksy to pronounce.